How to Choose a Spiritual Coach

Spirituality is one of the most important areas in the lives of people around the world. Defining a personal spiritual path can offer a reprieve from the mounting amounts of religious intolerance in the world today.


A spiritual coach can help you navigate through self-criticism and self-doubt to a new level of enlightened consciousness. With proper mentoring from a spiritual coach, you can rediscover yourself, find inner peace and help yourself solve your problems.

Before you begin searching for a spiritual coach, you must understand that this type of relationship is unique from any other relationship you have. You need to find a coach that you can commune with and be honest with. By doing this, your coach can help you deal with any issues and get to the root of your problems. Continue reading to learn the top five tips to finding a spiritual mentor and coach.

1. Trust your Gut

When it comes to finding a spiritual coach, you want someone that you can trust and connect with. Because you will be sharing your deepest thoughts and feelings, you need someone you can talk to with ease. To help you find the best teacher for your unique personality, you should interview several spiritual coaches. As you are talking to each coach, listen to your gut. Is there one that you feel more comfortable with? This should be your coach!

2. Know Your Problems

When you become aware of your problems, you will begin searching for someone to help. Once you have realized you need help, you need to list the areas of your life that you need help with. This will help make finding a coach even easier.

3. Ask for References

When you are interviewing potential spiritual coaches, ask for references. Because this type of service delves into your innermost being, it is important to find someone with experience because an inexperienced spiritual coach can end up causing more harm than good.

4. Know How Much Time You Are Willing to Invest

You must find a balance between the quality of the coach and the amount of time and travel distance you are willing to do. A coach three hours away may seem like a good idea at first; however, the traveling can end up causing more stress than ever before. There is probably a great coach located in your neighborhood who can help you just as well as the one who works three hours away.


5. Keep Up Your Guard

You should avoid coaches who seem to care more about money than your spiritual enlightenment. Your spiritual coach should never encourage you to to take risks, or engage in guilty pleasures, such as alcohol, sex or drugs. A spiritual coach should work with you to improve your self-worth and raise your level of consciousness to levels beyond the material things in life.

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